South Industries Leads Expansion Efforts for Agrium Advanced Technologies

South Industries took a big lead in helping the Agrium Expansion Project of their storage facility. They house a very effective agricultural fertilization product known as ESN. This expansion included the construction of two reinforced, insulated concrete domes. Very large in capacity, the largest dome holds up 20,000 tons of finished product that is then […]

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Congressman Tours Monolithic Dome Shelter – Woodsboro, TX

US Representative Ruben Hinojosa of Texas is on his way to see the Woodsboro, TX community center and shelter monolithic dome. This dome was partially built using a FEMA grant for hurricane and tornado pre-disaster mitigation. It is used as both a school multipurpose area and a community shelter. The superintendent investigated dome structures because […]

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A Dream Dome Home – Fairplay, CO

A 4,000 square-foot dome home was opened to the public for the 10th annual Dome Tour. These tours are designed to educate and enlighten people’s understanding about domes, their features, and their benefits. The entire dome home is heated with a simple 50-gallon electric water heater. The owner of the home, Keith Wortman, has had […]

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Home Sweet Dome – Chris and Maddy Ecker

As Chris and Maddy Ecker set out looking for a home they could retire to, they wanted something unique. It was this idea that led the couple to have a monolithic dome – a large, igloo-shaped house – constructed in Galax. Their new home, which they moved into two weeks ago, will be open for […]

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A Montana Hobbit House

South Industries built two domes for Steve Michaels in the beautiful country of Trout Creek, Montana. Steve had a great vision in mind for his new home and did an incredible job of accomplishing it. The finishes of their home and guest home are uniquely tailored after the stories of The Hobbit and The Lord […]

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