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Dome Buildings Are Perfect for Coal Storage

The combustible black or brownish-black sedimentary rock, known as coal, can’t be stored just anywhere. This solid piece of matter must be stored in a building that’s structurally sound and safe from the elements. No matter your reason for storing coal, your best option for storage is a Monolithic Dome.   There real benefits that […]

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Dome Buildings are Keeping Elementary School Students and Staff Safe

Elementary schools can keep their students safe while saving money by using concrete domes for their gyms. Monolithic Domes by South Industries are a proven solution for schools that will stand up to the elements while keeping maintenance costs low. The simple structure of concrete domes is a great choice for elementary schools. Here’s why: […]

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Dome Concrete Storage is a Rock Solid Investment

Finding the right place to store concrete can be a real challenge. You need a structure that is able to protect unused concrete from the elements while staying dry on the inside. You also need a structure that is energy efficient and doesn’t require costly maintenance.   A Monolithic Dome fits the criteria listed above. […]

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Salt Storage Made Easy with Domes

Your ability to keep salt stored in a dry, secure place is vital to protecting your investment. Salt has to stay dry and protected from the elements. Instead of using the usual storage like warehouses, consider using the Monolithic Dome.   Structurally sound One of the reasons why domes a great option to store salt […]

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