The Benefits of Industrial Dome Buildings

Salt Storage

Known for long life spans and their storage capacity, industrial dome buildings are perfect for protecting salt from the environment elements. With high ceilings and curved walls, our buildings are perfect for maintaining quality control of your salt products without suffering the salty effects of corrosion. Due to their design, domes outlast other conventional structures through hurricanes, fires and tornados making sure that your business is protected even when disaster strikes.

Grinding Plants

Domes are the ideal structure for any type of mill or grinding plant. The dome design makes for limitless floor plan possibilities with high ceilings and space for heavy machinery or storage. The life span of dome buildings make them a perfect fit for grinding plants that are looking for a low-maintenance solution.

Fertilizer Blend Plants

Fertilizer blend plants require certain level of flexibility to keep certain products separate while mixing others throughout the blending process. Domes are the strong, energy efficient solution to blending fertilizer in a profitable way. Domes are perfect for storage due to their high ceilings and independence from internal walls. They easily be adapted to the needs of individual fertilizer blend plants to make for easy transportation and blending of resources.

Sand Storage

Sand storage requires buildings and containers that can withstand heavy loading and unloading weights while not compromising efficiency or space. Domes sand storage options give sand storage facilities the best of both worlds. Domes make transporting and protecting sand easy while not sacrificing strength or space.

Dome Storage Buildings

Dome Buildings make for storing and protecting resources and goods simple and efficient. Limitless floor plans and energy efficient designs help save and elevate suppliers and businesses to a whole new level.

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