Dome Storage for Frac Sand

People all around the globe depend upon earth’s natural resources to power their everyday life. The way to get to and harvest the most important resources is by fracking, and fracking isn’t possible without the use of frac sand.

At South Industries, we build industrial domes that are a perfect fit for frac sand storage facilities. We understand the importance of reliable and efficient bulk storage that brings profitability and safety to a whole new level for the fracking industry. Our domes are designed to solve the biggest challenges and pain points for companies who store frac sand in bulk.

Frac SandFrac Sand Storage Dome

Why Use a Dome by South Industries

Per square ton, a dome by South industries is almost always cheaper to build than conventional sand storage buildings. On top of being cheaper to build, a dome can be constructed and ready for operation in less then 90 days! With domes being cheaper to build and more flexible in their usage, a dome by South Industries is the perfect option for your next frac sand storage facility.

Our frac sand storage domes give companies the quality needed to last into the future while creating a safe work environment. Our spacious domes are cheap to power, retain temperature well, offer room free from walls and beams which make for a safe place for employees and resist external factors that could put your frac sand at risk.

Storage Capacity

To reach the natural resources that keep the world powered and your business booming, you need a lot of frac sand. With dome buildings, storing sand has never been easier. The limitless floor plans and design options make domes perfect for storing, loading and transporting large amounts of frac sand with ease.

The curvature of our domes helps companies use and profit from every square inch of storage space. In short, our dome storage units store the same amount of frac sand for a fraction of the cost. Our domes take less materials and space to build while storing just as much or even more.

Frac Sand Storage DomeFrac Sand Storage


Unlike any other structure, domes are built to last. Most frac sand storage facilities begin to show signs of wear and tear from weather and workload within decades of being built, but domes outlast any other traditional building by many years. The most popular architectural structures in all of history were domes that are still standing centuries later. To protect your business and frac sand, trust a dome by South Industries.

Domes last so long because they resist external factors much better than other buildings. The curved surface of a dome protects it from high winds, rain, snow and even fire. Domes are typically the only structures standing after a natural disaster which is why a dome is perfect for storing frac sand and other resources in bulk.

How do I know if a dome is right for my company?

Our team of experts is more than happy to go over your specific needs. Call our team at (208) 754-4422 or fill out our contact form to receive a free consultation.

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