Storing Fly Ash Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain

In recent years, fly ash disposal has caused some head-aches due to the effects on our environment along with the increasing cost of landfills. With domes from South Industries, fly ash can be stored properly and easily until the proper disposal or recycling can be done.

Saving Money & the Planet

Fly ash after collection can be reused for a myriad of purposes including: concrete production, waste stabilization, mine reclamation, fertilizer, ice control and even toothpaste!

Store & Recycle All in the Same Place

Our multi-purpose fly ash storage domes make it easy to collect, store and transform fly ash all at the same facility. Our domes are very customizable and can be interconnected to transport and mix fly ash with raw resources, cement and other elements to recycle and repurpose your fly ash waste.

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Fly Ash Storage Done Right

Our domes have been proven by data, experience and time itself. Fly ash storage is essential in the proper disposal and recycling of fly ash. We help companies who produce fly ash as a result of their service to turn their waste into another form or revenue. We make it easy to efficiently remove fly ash from their work space and store it responsibly. We give your investors and clients something that they can be proud of from an environmental standpoint.