Our domes are simply the best for storing concrete.

The improper storing of concrete can bring a project or business to a complete halt. Our experts know what it takes to keep concrete protected from air, water, and other external factors. Success in concrete storage isn’t rocket science, yet efficiency is found in the details. Our domes provide a safe, dry place to keep your concrete protected.

Keeping your concrete better for longer.

Our dome technology helps business and contractors to keep their concrete protected and usable for the greatest amount of time. Our air-tight technology preserves the composition of whatever resource is stored within, making our domes perfect for concrete storage.

On top of superior protection, our domes cost less.

Our patented dome technology keeps your concrete storage better protected, for a longer period of time and for less money. Our domes are the essence of quality. Unaffected by natural disasters like winds and fire, they cost less to maintain. They are also energy efficient, lowering your utility bill while storing your concrete.

Easy to Move and Use

Our air-tight domes can also open up in a way offering plenty of space for distribution and transportation. Our domes minimalize on-site injuries and loss of concrete and other resources due to their transport-friendly design.

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Concrete Storage Done Right

Our domes have been proven by data, experience and time itself. Concrete storage is essential for companies and projects, and a lot of money, time and head-ache can be saved when a monolithic dome by South Industries is introduced into the equation. Learn how our team has worked on concrete storage in the past. Feel free to speak with our past clients to hear their experience with our team and how much they love their concrete storage dome.