Dome Storage Buildings: Efficient & Durable

When building a storage facility or structure, there are a couple “must-haves.” For a storage building, it needs to be able to have a high capacity, protect whatever it is storing, be energy efficient and make transporting bulk goods easy.

High Capacity Storage

Domes unlike any other structure allow for a large surface area without having to build unnecessarily high walls and ceilings. This helps lower construction expenses without sacrificing any usable square footage. The floor plans are limitless due to the dome’s natural independence from walls and support beams. With domes, you can customize your floor plan to your needs without any barriers.

Storage Protection

Storing salt, products, concrete, wheat or any other resource or good is pointless if whatever you’re storing is compromised, damaged or rendered useless. Domes structures naturally withstand fire, water and wind damage from natural disasters. When mother nature does her worst, you can be confident in that your investment is safe if stored in a dome by South Industries.

Energy Efficient

For many storage units, energy efficiency is key, especially if the stored goods are temperature or pressure sensitive. Due to the efficient usage of square footage, domes are less expensive to power, heat and cool. Plus, the air-tight structure makes maintaining certain temperatures and pressures much easier.

Transportation and Loading

Domes make transporting and loading goods look easy. Domes have high ceilings, large square footage, high doors and customizable floor plans, which ease the stress of loading and transporting your bulk resources.