Why build a dome sports facility?

The Super Dome, Astrodome, Georgia Dome… the list goes on and on. Domes are an iconic architectural design for sports of all kinds. Known for their beautiful design, high ceilings and open floor plans, domes make for a great place to train and play.

How much do dome gymnasiums cost to build?

Concrete domed ceilings are extremely cost-effective, with most situations reducing construction costs 20% or more. In addition to a lower cost of construction, our concrete monolithic domes will reduce the time needed to finish your project. For more information, contact our engineers who can provide accurate bids for your specific facility at no cost.

How much do dome gyms cost to heat and cool?

The short answer is 30-40% less than traditional gymnasiums. The energy efficiency is largely due to three factors, multiple layers of spray foam insulation, an extremely tight building envelope, and the thermal mass of the concrete superstructure.

Is a dome a better long-term option?

Thanks to the natural design of a dome, dome buildings stand for centuries while other structures require constant maintenance and repair. The efficient, curved design naturally repels external forces like wind and water to maintain the architectural integrity of a dome.  This makes a leaky roof a near impossibility and greatly reduces the exterior maintenance costs.

How safe are dome buildings?

Where do people flee during fires, hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes? Domes. Domes are safe structures that stand almost unaffected by wind and other elements due to their curved surface. Domes are hands down, one of the safest structures for a gymnasium or sports facility. They often qualify with little modification for FEMA funding that can cover 75% of the construction costs further reducing the financial burden on your community.

Why South Industries?

We are global leaders in dome gymnasium and sports facility construction and design. We specialize in the safest, most energy efficeint and cost effective solutions for gyms and sports programs. Our unique and personal touch make our dome facilities perfect for your school or community athletic development.

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Dome Gymnasiums Give You Options

Domes are great for multi-purpose sports facilities due to their open floor plan and independence from interior support walls and beams. The combination of practicality and the beautiful dome design give value and quality to your community and athletic programs.