Why build a school using dome technology?

Wouldn’t it be nice to dedicate less money to maintaining your school and more towards your faculty and student body? Dome technology by South Industries has saved school budgets all across the country by building strong, durable and energy efficient schools and campuses.

How much do dome schools cost to build?

The short answer is, a lot. Domes are much more efficient with building resources and take a fraction of the time to construct. The resource and time efficiency that domes provide help education districts succeed in their overall goal to provide a safe environment for students and faculty to learn and grow. To learn more or receive a quote about your next school construction project, contact our team of engineers!

How much do dome schools cost to heat and cool?

On average, a dome building costs 30-40% less than traditional school buildings. The energy efficiency is largely due to three factors, multiple layers of spray foam insulation, an extremely tight building envelope, and the thermal mass of the concrete superstructure.

Is a dome a better long-term option?

Thanks to the natural design of a dome, dome buildings stand for centuries while other structures require constant maintenance and repair. The efficient, curved design naturally repels external forces like wind and water to maintain the architectural integrity of a dome.  This makes a leaky roof a near impossibility and greatly reduces the exterior maintenance costs.

How safe are dome buildings?

Where do people flee during fires, hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes? Domes. Domes are safe structures that stand almost unaffected by wind and other elements due to their curved surface. Domes give peace of mind knowing that your staff and students are protected from the elements. They often qualify with little modification for FEMA funding that can cover 75% of the construction costs further reducing the financial burden on your community.

Why South Industries?

We are the global leaders in dome school building technology and construction. We specialize in the safest, most energy efficient and cost effective solutions for school buildings and construction.

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What your gym could look like...

Dome Schools Give You Options

Domes are great for schools due to their open floor plan and independence from interior support walls and beams. Schools require flexible and adaptable spaces, making domes a great fit for gymnasiums, cafeterias, classrooms, auditoriums and more. The combination of practicality and the beautiful dome design give value and quality to your community,  extracurricular programs and school.