We are the world leading monolithic dome builders

South Industries has been perfecting our patented tension ring technology that makes our monolithic domes the orginal and best of its kind. Our company was built on industry leading innovation and our methods continue to push the boundaries of dome construction.

Commercial, Industrial and Residential Usage

Our dome technology expands into multiple industries thanks to flexible floor plans, cost efficiency and durability. We have built monolithic domes for schools, churches, bulk storage facilities, gymnasiums and more. As the world leading monolithic dome builders, we can construct the finest structures for every industry.

What makes South Industries different from other monolithic dome builders?

We are the original monolithic dome builders. Our founders Randy and Andrew South have been designing, building and perfecting our unique, patented technology for decades. Having built numerous monolithic domes around the world for almost every industry, we assure that our products stand the test of time. Our process, technology and experience make us the top monolithic dome builders above the rest.

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The Original Monolithic Dome Builders

Our domes are more than just structures. They are proven science. Our monolithic dome building technology makes our structures energy efficient, strong, cost efficient, low maintenance and simply beautiful. Contact our team to learn more about our patented technology, our history and our past projects. We are happy to explain why we are the world leading monolithic dome builders.