The Benefits of Commercial Dome Buildings

Limitless Floor Plans

Dome buildings for commercial businesses are a unique and efficient way to keep your over-head cost low while not sacrificing any style points. Unlike conventional builds, domes are perfect for commercial use because they have no limitations to their floor plan. As your business grows and needs change, your floor plan can adapt accordingly.

Energy Efficient

The simple yet powerful design of dome buildings keep your utility costs to a minimum. Commercial dome buildings can save more than 10x what conventional business office spaces usually spend on monthly HVAC services. The inefficient airflow of “normal” floor plans is equivalent to  leaving your door open, while the airflow inefficiency of a monolithic dome building can be compared to the size of two pencils.


Commercial dome buildings are the Mercedez-Benz of buildings when it comes to safety. Unlike conventional buildings, the nature of the dome design is unaffected by fire, hurricanes and tornados.


With most buildings, the life-span is regulary counted with decades. With dome buildings, the life-span is counted with centuries. Domes are naturally designed to withstand the test of time which contribute to business spaces retaining their value while offering peace-of-mind to owners.

Schools & Gymnasiums

There is no other structure in the world better designed to protect your students other than a dome. Keep your student body safe from hurricanes, tornados and fires by building your schools and gymnasiums using our beautiful and unique dome designs. The high ceilings make domes a perfect fit for school gymnasiums, lunch rooms, auditoriums and more.

Dome Fema Storm Shelters

Fema storm shelters and safe rooms are essential investments in the general safety and well-being of entire communities. Building Fema storm shelters protect from hurricanes, tornados and fires while bringing value and trust into cities and counties. These multi-purpose facilities are great for activities, meetings and more while being a place of refuge during emergencies and natural disasters.


We make our domes strong like the faith of your congregation. The strength of a dome building is perfect for churches, protecting them from weather, fire and other disasters. On top of protecting your congregation and community, domes are energy efficient using just a fraction of the cost to heat and cool your church. On top of the safety and economical benefits, domes bring an aesthetic sense of wonder while offering a sound component perfect for public speaking and musical performances.

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