Falls Creek Baptist Convention Center

The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma had a problem.  Desiring to reach out and serve more, they lacked enough gathering space to expand their year-round retreats and conferences.  After researching convention center designs, this non-profit organization found what they were looking for in South Industries.  A cost effective dome convention center made financial sense.  Their cost savings allowed them to keep needed resources for other projects and programs.  Additionally, being in tornado alley in Davis, Oklahoma, a dome would double as a tornado shelter, ensuring safety for their guests.

South Industries stepped up to the challenge, building in a remote area on a mountain.  Due to the limitations of the building site, the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma requested an elliptical dome.  It was the biggest of its kind to be built.  Not discouraged by these issues, South Industries got to work immediately.  While taking longer than more conventional domes, the project still took just 9 weeks from inflation of the Airform until completion.  That’s a pretty impressive feat and a testament to the dedication, ingenuity, and hard work of South Industries employees.


When you are prepared to grow your space, serve more people, and expand your reach, contact the hardworking employees of South Industries to make your project a reality.