The Benefits of Residential Domes

Unique Design

“There is no place like dome.” Our unique designs are sure to make your home or community center a one of a kind. The life-span of dome homes are ideal for families or neighborhood communities that don’t enjoy: replacing their roof every couple of decades, suffering severe damage after a natural disaster, or paying a lot to heat and cool their home. The unique design of residential domes naturally include a beautiful home that will withstand the test of time.

Spacious Floor Plans

Domes are unique in their independence from support beams or walls. This freedom allows for home owners to design the perfect home for their individual needs. If you are building a neighborhood community center, the possibilities are endless.

Energy Efficient

We have seen heating and air bills shrink to less than 1/10th by simply building their homes or neighborhood communities with dome technology by South Industries. Heating or cooling a conventional home is the equivalent to leaving the front door open, while with a dome home, our airflow loss is roughly the size of two pencils.

Vaulted Ceilings

Our dome design expands a room with vaulted ceiling and head space. The elegant design gives a spacious feel to family and guests giving a greater sense of comfort.