Faith Chapel

“Overcrowded and tired of finding new spaces for his ever-growing flock, Dr. Michael D. Moore, known as Pastor Mike received inspiration for a permanent solution.  A large dome with a sanctuary for over 3,000 was his answer.  Intimidated by the scope of the project, but determined to follow through, Pastor Mike pushed ahead.  South Industries became his partner and support in the massive undertaking.

South Industries constructed a 280-foot diameter dome that is 72 feet high, giving Faith Chapel Christian Center (FCCC) 61,575 square feet.  Only one-third of the space is used by the 3,016-seat chapel!  In addition to the chapel, the Word Dome – as it is called – contains classrooms, practice rooms, and offices.  This project exceeded Pastor Mike’s expectations and provided room to grow.

They grew so well that just five years later FCCC broke ground on 6 new interconnected domes.  These make up the “City of Deliverance” and provide social activities for church members and their guests.  Each dome hosts a different activity: children’s play area, café, youth disco, gym, bowling alley, and climbing wall.  As FCCC minister Debra Blaylock put it, “Part of our goal is not just to minister to spiritual needs but to the social needs of people.  We can tell people not to go to clubs that have smoking and drinking, but people still have social needs. What we’re trying to provide is an alternative.”

With the help of South Industries, FCCC can provide a safe and enjoyable place for families to worship.  In 2011, the Birmingham, Alabama compound survived a Force 5 tornado with only minor damage.  Contact the professionals at South Industries to partner with you in creating a safe and fun space with that kind of protection!”