Domes for Schools & gymnasiums

Why Build a School with a Dome by South Industries

On almost every occasion a dome is the recommended structure for education use. Domes can be built faster and more cost-effective than the typical school floor plan. On top of gettings school built faster, the cost to maintain and power a dome is a fraction of the cost that would normally be required. Last but not least, the safety of students and staff members is the number one priority of a school’s administration. Domes are naturally built to withstand hurricanes, tornados, hail damage and fire.

Energy Efficient

For students to focus, they need to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With the dome technology by South Industries, your school will spend a fraction of the cost to heat and cool your building. What could you do with an extra 90% of your old utilities bill?

Space & Storage Capacity

An open floor plan gives a sense of value to every building. To convey the value of your school to parents, a dome is perfect for gaining and keeping trust. The high ceilings fights the feeling of being cramped or crowded. Plus, the high ceilings are perfect for when students are playing sports or horse-playing to protect the ceiling from damaging blows.

With the extra space, you can now better service extracurricular events such as school sports team, choir, band, orchestra, drama program, and public speaking events. Auditoriums and gymnasiums are a no-brainer for dome structures, but dome buildings are also great for cafeterias, storage facilities, and lobbies.


Domes are built to withstand the test of time. Domes are built to withstand fire damage due to their high ceilings and independence of walls and support beams. Winds have much less effect on a dome because of the aerodynamic shape that protects your school from whatever mother nature throws at it. Due to the inherited safety of a dome, the maintenance costs are astoundingly low, making this great for schools looking to save on monthly expenses. Domes are now becoming the main option for school administrators across the globe.

How do I know if a dome is right for my school?

Our team of experts are ready to discuss your school and specific needs. Call our team at (208) 754-4422 or fill out our contact form to receive a free consultation about how a dome can benefit your school.

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