US Silica Frac Sand Storage

US Silica operates several open-pit sand mines throughout the United States. In 2012, South Industries was contracted to build a storage facility to house all of the material mined from Silica’s “Voca Mine.” South Industries built a state-of-the-art, three dome facility, with the capacity to hold and automatically reclaim 40,000 tons of product. Each storage dome was built over a separate reclaim tunnel, equipped with a material conveyor for load out. This configuration allows for the storage of three different products, each of which is held in a single component storage structure.

Frac sand storage domes by South Industries are perfect for industrial businesses looking to take their frac sand storage to the next level. Our patent design makes our domes more efficient for businesses by decreasing construction, maintenance and utility costs. The curved surface keeps it air tight for better protection and energy efficiency. The open floor plan makes our domes great for the easy storage and transportation of frac sand. 

Dome storage for frac sand makes sense because our designs are easily customizable for your specific need and property. Our frac sand domes can automate distribution through transport tunnels and conveyor belts. The tall, broad doors make it easier to collect the sand without causing damage to the structure or industry vehicles.

The construction time is a fraction compared to traditional frac sand storage structures. Our domes can be designed and built for your use faster making your business more profitable. When working with dry resources like frac sand, profit margins can be expanded when product is purchased in bulk. Our domes help businesses by creating fast and strong builds that bring value to an entire frac sand storage facility.