Carousel Frac Sand Storage

Carousel is a Sand Storage facility in Poteet TX, that supplies specialty additives and performance products to chemical manufacturers and chemical service companies. When Carousel found themselves in the market for a new storage facility, they discovered Monolithic Concrete domes and knew this was the perfect solution they had been looking for. Carousel came to South Industries to help them build a storage facility that would outperform all other metal buildings.

Carousel administration chose a Monolithic Dome because it could keep products dry and uncontaminated, and contain the dust of the products. They liked that the dome could store more of their product with a smaller footprint as well as the efficient operations and moving of the product. Carousel also liked the strength and durability of a Monolithic Dome and the low upkeep domes require. The speed of construction was great for Carousel’s timeline of wanting a dome quickly. When executives at Carousel learned they could get all this for less than other options they had looked at they were sold. South Industries knows that whatever your building needs are you will also be sold on the amazing benefits of Domes, so call us to learn more and see how we can meet and exceed your dome needs.