Dome Buildings are Keeping Elementary School Students and Staff Safe

Elementary schools can keep their students safe while saving money by using concrete domes for their gyms. Monolithic Domes by South Industries are a proven solution for schools that will stand up to the elements while keeping maintenance costs low. The simple structure of concrete domes is a great choice for elementary schools. Here’s why:


Keep students safe while providing options

Rain or shine, Monolithic Domes will be standing. These domes can serve as gyms and gathering places due to their reliable design. When they’re not being used for physical education, they can be used for events like assemblies and science fairs.


Elementary school domes can also act as a shelter in the event of an emergency. Thanks to its design, domes can handle extreme forces and storms. They’ll be standing after natural disasters like fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes. In fact, concrete domes can handle strong winds up to 400 mph which is sure to help elementary school staff not worry when nature gets out of hand.


Regardless of what’s happening outside, learning can still go on inside thanks to the strong design of Monolithic Domes.


Energy efficient

With the rising costs of education, it only makes sense to save money when possible. Any elementary school can save more money on heating and cooling costs by using a Monolithic Dome for its gym. Monolithic Dome energy savings can be as much as 50% compared to the energy costs of other building options.


Thanks to its round design, airflow is even throughout the dome. Efficient air circulation allows the building to heat and cool evenly while limiting energy waste. Concrete domes are structurally tight. They don’t allow air to escape since the round shape is consistent throughout. The energy savings help schools reduce their impact on the environment. These savings allow schools to direct financial resources in areas that need more attention.


Built to last

Now that you have a better idea of how strong concrete domes are, you’ve probably figured out that concrete domes will be around for a long time. The lifespan of domes can be measured in centuries as opposed to decades for most buildings. With its build comprised of concrete and steel, it won’t take a lot to maintain.


Maintenance costs are lower compared to conventional buildings. You won’t have to worry about issues like wood rot and termite damage since Monolithic domes are made with steel and concrete. Elementary schools with concrete domes don’t have to worry as much about mold since it’s not really an issue with concrete domes.


Concrete domes are permanent structures that will reduce the need to build new buildings since they’re built to last. Elementary schools will be able to limit their impact on the environment while saving on heating and cooling expenses. It’s a feel-good solution that’s reliable and practical.


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