Dome Concrete Storage is a Rock Solid Investment

Finding the right place to store concrete can be a real challenge. You need a structure that is able to protect unused concrete from the elements while staying dry on the inside. You also need a structure that is energy efficient and doesn’t require costly maintenance.


A Monolithic Dome fits the criteria listed above. Here are a handful of ways Monolithic Domes are an effective choice for concrete storage:


Easy to maintain

Monolithic Domes don’t require as much time and money to maintain. When your maintenance requirements are lower, you’re able to focus on other aspects of your business. You can save as much as 50% on maintenance costs compared to other building options.


Domes built by South Industries don’t have the same wear and tear as conventional buildings. You won’t have to deal with rot, termite damage, or watch your Monolithic Dome slowly fall to pieces. You also won’t have to stress about mold since it’s not a serious problem with domes. The costs to maintain your storage dome will be lower due to its efficient shape and simple design.


Lower energy costs

Storage domes help you reduce the impact you have on the environment. This benefit is because of the energy-efficient design of Monolithic Domes. Monolithic Domes provide insulation and help temperatures stay at a consistent level. You can be sure that your concrete will be stable and not have to deal with temperature fluctuations. Domes are structurally tight so you don’t waste as much energy to heat or cool your building. Due to the round shape of domes, airflow is able to circulate evenly throughout your concrete storage. Your electricity bill/natural gas bill will be lower and help you reduce operating expenses.


Durable, strong, fireproof

Protecting your concrete from the elements is a worthwhile investment. Domes are strong and can handle the force of different natural disasters. These natural disasters include earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes. Winds of 400 mph won’t budge a Monolithic Dome. Because of the way domes distribute weight, domes can also handle heavy loads.


The strength of Monolithic Domes comes from the steel-reinforced network of rebar that covers the dome. This enables Monolithic Domes to handle the stress of extreme forces. The strong, durable design of domes will help you be confident that your concrete inventory is safe from the storms of nature.


Monolithic Domes are also fireproof. An electrical fire in Channelview, Texas destroyed buildings in the area but a Monolithic Dome storage unit in the city did not burn down. Much of the fire’s heat was reflected by polyurethane foam of the dome. The concrete of the dome did not heat up and the product being stored was untouched.


For questions about storing your concrete in Monolithic Domes, call us at (208) 754-442.


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