Salt Storage Made Easy with Domes

Your ability to keep salt stored in a dry, secure place is vital to protecting your investment. Salt has to stay dry and protected from the elements. Instead of using the usual storage like warehouses, consider using the Monolithic Dome.


Structurally sound

One of the reasons why domes a great option to store salt is the natural strength of domes. Compared to other structures, domes have a life span of centuries due to their durable design.


Domes are a place of security and safety when bad weather occurs. They’re less likely to collapse in the event of a natural disaster like fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes. A 12,000 sq. ft. FEMA safe room and community storm shelter was built with a Monolithic Dome. It’s dependable enough to protect 2,000 people during a storm, and keep your salt safe.


Thanks to the round design of domes, the Monolithic Dome can handle extreme loads. It’s designed to take a beating from Mother Nature since it can resist winds of 400 mph. There’s no need to replace your dome storage once it’s built.



Domes cost less money to build and are cost-effective in many ways, from low maintenance costs to energy efficiency. Our experience and research have shown that energy and maintenance costs for a Monolithic Dome can lead to as much as 50% in savings.


The Monolithic Dome is made with high-quality materials that last for a long time. Your initial investment pays off because it doesn’t require as much maintenance as regular buildings. Due to the materials used and the quality of architecture, Monolithic domes help you have peace of mind. This is because there is no worry about termite damage, roof repairs, wood rot, and other maintenance issues commonly found in other buildings.


When it comes to keeping your salt at an even temperature, domes have you covered. The design of the Monolithic Dome helps air circulate evenly. Energy costs to regulate internal temperature is not as expensive as conventional structures. Domes require less than half the energy to heat and cool, meaning savings you can pocket and use elsewhere. This is due to the structure’s insulation and airtight structure.


You’re not the only one using a dome for salt storage

Monolithic Domes used for salt storage are gaining in popularity, because of their reliability. They are popping up all over the United States and other countries as well. 

For example, the Oakland County Salt Storage partnered with South Industries to build a salt storage facility to protect its salt inventory. Being able to store the salt that keeps much of Michigan’s roads clear of snow and ice in a dry, secure place has saved Oakland County a lot of money. The domes store approximately 14 tons of salt for Oakland County Salt Storage. This high amount of storage is possible since the cost per ton is cheaper when you use storage domes.


For more information on how you can benefit from using Monolithic Domes, call us at (208) 754-4422.


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