Monolithic Dome Buildings: Eco-Friendly Money Savers

Here at South Industries, we love feedback from our clients and those interested in our dome building technology. Here is a recent story from Shawn in Tucson, Arizona about his experience learning about the advantages of building a dome:

“At a family gathering, I heard my brother talk about the growth in popularity in dome buildings here in the United States. It piqued my interest and I began a little research. The structures that he was referring to are called monolithic domes. Initially, I thought that it was a cool looking design, but what really caught my attention was the monolithic dome floor plan.

In 126 AD the Pantheon in Rome made history by being the largest concrete dome building in the world. To this day it still holds the record for being the largest unreinforced concrete dome. It paved the way to a new utility and beauty in architecture. The monolithic dome floor plans today now include several modern features that increase its strength and durability.

I learned that the dome is constructed with an airform frame that lays out the shape of the monolithic dome. It is constantly inflated with air blowers to ensure accuracy to the original monolithic floor plan. It is then reinforced with metal rebar hangars and two layers of urethane. Urethane is the same compound used in sealants and gaskets. It is extremely durable and provides an airtight seal which actually makes the monolithic dome “eco-friendly” (and I use eco meaning ecologically and economically).

These monolithic floor plans cut wasteful construction of high ceiling corners that are never used. The dome creates the same amount of floor space with less material used. The monolithic floor plan also reinvents a way for heating and cooling. The airtight seals combined with the dome structure, the floor of the monolithic dome can easily be kept at the perfect temperature. It is an ideal place for human activity and even storage of temperature-dependent goods.

So after conducting this bit of research I am convinced that these monolithic dome floor plans are a way for us to take a step into the future. They look great, but most importantly; they make sense. I hope to start seeing them pop up in schools, gyms, and storage buildings around my town.”

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