Six Game Changers for Frac Sand Storage

Lights, cars, hospitals and the microwave heating up your leftover mexican food…. There isn’t anything in this galaxy that doesn’t require fuel of some sort. Energy powers our world, and we can thank nature, along with the men and women who find, process and deliver the energy, for our comfortable lifestyle. Our lives depend upon the efficient collecting and distribution of power gathered from the wonderful planet that we inhabit. One of the most effective processes to collect fossil fuels is the process of releasing natural resources like oil and gas through “fracking.” 

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Fracking is the process of digging deep into the earth to open up the vast shale reserves that contain the natural resources that power our lives. To expose the natural resources that we all so desperately need, the sedimentary rock must be fractured to allow the removal of gas and oil. To open the earth’s pores, the openings are injected with a mixture of water and frac sand.

Frac sand is a little different from normal sand in that it is made of pure quartz and is granular and round. The shape and strength of the frac sand make it perfect for fitting into small pores and resisting great pressure. This allows for the shale reserves to remain open and offer their untapped resources for our benefit.

With our current market being so fluid and competitive, the companies that power our world are forced to constantly find creative solutions to lower the cost of fuel and power for consumers. This push for innovation has been a key factor in the success of the fracking industry. The techniques, equipment and tools are advancing everyday, but an overlooked game changer is the storage process of frac sand.

Frac sand storage is an essential aspect to the success of the fracking industry that can expand a company’s profit margins while benefiting the consumer by lowering the overall cost to power their life. Here are six game changers that can completely transform your frac sand storage process for the better.

1) Dome Buildings for Frac Sand Storage

Within the industry, fracking companies typically go with what they know. This usually results in the use of standard buildings and traditional storage facilities like sheds, warehouses, silos and tanks. Although these structures have been getting the job done for years, dome buildings are completely revamping the way frac sand storage facilities are storing and distributing their resources.

Dome frac sand storage facilities have shown to be one of the most effective forms of storage. Dome buildings have open floor plans that make customizing each storage dome very simple. Some of the best fracking companies are now turning to domes for their facility structures.

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2) Avoid High Utility Costs

The monolithic dome design by South Industries is an energy and money saver. The monolithic dome is sealed tight for maximum protection and conservation of power. A normal structure is more expensive to heat, cool and power because the air escapes through the various openings, cracks, connections, etc. Using a traditional frac sand storage unit is the equivalent of leaving the front door of your home open while trying to heating or cool your home. A dome frac sand structure is inexpensive to power because the amount of air escaping is minimal helping your company to save on monthly utility costs.

3) Low Maintenance Expenses

There is no faster way to squander a profit than to have to constantly repair an old or unreliable frac sand storage building. Conventional buildings have a lot of surface area, joints, pieces and internal structure. On top of being unnecessary, these extra features give more opportunities for things to break or receive damage. A monolithic dome building is one smooth surface that efficiently uses surface area, has minimal internal structures that could break and requires less preventive action due to the long lasting durability and design.

4) Storm Resistant

Have you ever seen a video of a hurricane or tornado ripping off the roof of a home or business? This is common among traditional buildings because they offer a large surface area for winds to push and pull up on. Giving the wind a good grip on your structure is a fast way to loose your structure, your frac sand and even your business profits.

Dome buildings for frac sand storage are a perfect fit for companies that are located in areas where they experience hurricanes, tornados, forest fires or heavy quantities of snow. The smooth, rounded surface of a dome makes it wind, fire and water resistant. There is no better place to protect your frac sand.

5) Efficient Storage Space

With square buildings and roofs, there is a lot of unused and inefficient corners that slowly eat away at your profit margins through utility inefficiency and extra maintenance. The extra, inefficient surface area also adds to your over building costs. That’s why most fracking companies find dome buildings a better value for their frac sand facilities.

The open floor plans and tall ceilings give plenty of room for bulk frac sand storage. Domes make great additions to existing facilities due to their flexibility. They can fit almost anywhere, have doors facing in any direction and pipes and tunnels that connect and unify a frac sand storage facility.

6) Safe Environment for Employees

When moving and storing any resource in bulk, there exists threats to safety. An accident or injury can cost a company and cut into profits. It is also a huge bummer for your employees if they get injured on the job! To help your employees work with more confidence, offer a larger work area with less internal structure, higher ceilings, bigger doors and better lighting. By removing corners, support beams and flat roofs, you are making for a safer work environment that will result in less crashes and falls.

Dome Buildings Are a Game-Changer

Dome buildings have saved fracking companies an incredible amount of time, money and peace of mind. When deciding how to better improve your service or efficiency, consider your frac sand storage methods and how a dome building could potentially lift your systems and safety to a whole new level.

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