Why Dome Buildings Are Winning

If dome buildings were in a boxing match with traditional structures, domes would be putting other structures on their heels and against the ropes. The tables have definitely turned because this wasn’t always the case. Thanks to Randy and Andrew South at South Industries, Domes have taken huge steps in becoming the number one option for schools, sports facilities, bulk storage facilities and even homes!

So, why are dome buildings winning? Although a book could be written with all the reasons and their explanations, the main reason is simply because the cost to build, power and maintain a monolithic dome building is more efficient.

Cost Efficient

A dome building can be built in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the materials that a normal building requires. Domes are much simpler in the most beautiful of ways. Instead of standard walls and layouts, domes are free to be customized to the need of the party building the dome. The independence from internal infrastructure make it easy to build, with an efficient amount of resources and in a timely manner.

Domes are also efficient with air flow and insulation. A dome can stay cooler and warmer with less power. They tend to stay at their current temperature longer because of reduced weak points that come with multiple openings, cracks and joints that normal builds require. Most people see their utility bills go down by thousands of dollars. This puts more money back into the businesses that deserve to win.

Low Maintenance Costs

Maintenance is the hidden profit killer that doesn’t always show its face until a couple of years down the road. Normal structures require constant maintenance and a crew to constantly be fixing the deteriorating facility. The parts and labor add up over time very quickly. With dome buildings, the curved surface is protected from things like wind, water and fire. Internally, less roof repairs are required and the simple design brings the amount of things that could potentially go wrong to a minimum. Domes are simply cheaper and will save companies a pretty penny long-term.

If you would like to know how a dome could save your company time, money and resources, reach out to our team of experts who are happy to give you an estimate or answer any of your questions. You will truly be surprised by how South industries has made dome technology available for everyone and for all industries.

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