Protecting Salt Storage All Year Long

Salt is a very resilient resource that serves a lot of purposes. Storing salt in bulk is a great strategy for many businesses because salt doesn’t lose its characteristics or functionality over time when protected properly. Salt doesn’t have an expiration date as long as it is stored correctly and free from its biggest threat, water.

In all of its forms, water can ruin salt which is bad for business. So to make sure that your bulk salt storage stays dry, here are some tips to keep your investment safe.

Rain and Snow

The most important thing when storing salt is making sure that your salt doesn’t get snowed and rained on. As obvious as it sounds, thousands of dollars are wasted every year in the salt storage business by having a poor roof, open walls or simply leaving the doors and windows open allowing moisture to enter during a storm. Salt storage domes by South Industries completely take this risk out of the picture by makings salt storage buildings that are strong, air-tight and easy to seal through effective hangar doors. Unlike traditional storage structures that have windows, cracks, weak points and roofs that allow water build up, a dome completely seals off salt stock from the elements.


Humidity is the silent killer when it comes to turning a profit. When humidity is over 75%, salt storage can begin to absorb the moisture and clump. The clumping forms a hard layer of unusable salt that cuts into your revenue. This is completely avoidable, but tends to affect those who use traditional storage buildings that are not air tight and hard to regulate in terms of temperature and humidity. Salt storage domes give your investment a dry and air-tight environment to maintain its use until time to use or sell.

Ground Water

Even if your salt is kept under a roof in a dry storing facility, all the protection and investment is jeopardized when ground water is not kept under control. The runoff from rain, snow, sprinkler systems, plumbing leaks and more can ruin your salt storage. A dome building built by South Industries is a great way to keep water from below away from your salt. The air-tight seal applies to the ground work that makes our structure efficient and weather proof even after the water has hit the ground. Don’t lose your salt by going with a traditional salt storage facility.


Even when salt has been stored properly, the distribution and transportation of salt storage can ruin your stock. When salt is stored in a small facility or within a building with an inefficient floor plan, the machinery used to transport salt can bring in water, oil, gasoline and other liquids that can ruin your salt. Also, the dependence upon support beams and walls make moving the salt more difficult which can cause more accidents. The plumbing in a traditional storage structure also requires more complexity and weak points. Avoid these issues by building a salt storage dome. Domes give more room and options to keep your salt safe while transporting and distributing.


Salt storage domes are a great way to keep your domes protected from the elements. By following the four tips above, you can keep your investment and business thriving. Protect your salt from moisture that threatens your profits through rain, snow, humidity, ground water and transportation. Stay ahead of your competition by using a salt storage dome by South Industries.

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