Sand Storage Dome Buildings

Bulk sand storage is something that can save you a lot of time and money if done right. Finding the right storage facility and building is essential for inexpensive and efficient storage and distribution of sand and salt. At South Industries, our dome building technology is perfectly designed for dry bulk storage. Domes are great for storing frac sand, beach sand or a salt/sand mixture for deicing roads, and the proper protection is necessary for a variety of reasons. 

Water from rain can dissolve the salt in salt/sand mixtures and cause salt runoff that negatively impacts the ground and water sources surrounding the sand storage. If running a business, the last thing that you would want to do is jeopardize the water supply of your neighbors and community.

Dome buildings for sand storage requires smart drainage systems that keep water away from your investment. Our domes keep moisture away with strong roofs, sealed flooring and drainage that keeps runoff from entering your facility. 

Sand storage requires large buildings that have open floor plans, easy access and cost efficiency. Dome buildings are great for making the loading and unloading of sand quick and easy. The open space within a dome makes it easy to work with heavy machinery and trucks for maximum profits and safety.

Our high ceilings and efficient floor plans allow for temperature control, lighting and other options for comfortable working conditions. A team that is protected from the elements and with the right tools at will always work more efficiently that the team working without light, electricity, heating and air, etc. Empower your sand storage team to do their best.

Large doors are key for transporting sand. With dome buildings, they can be built according to your needs. They can be placed on any edge and be sealed for efficient temperature control. The high ceilings of domes make it easy to install the right door for your sand storage facility.

Do you need your sand storage now? If you would like your sand storage building sooner rather than later, a dome building is a great option. Domes can be built in a fraction of the time that it would take to build a normal structure. The only structure that is quicker to build than a dome would be a fabric sand structure. These are cost efficient, but they are typically meant for temporary storage needs, storage for working during the day or in warmer climates. Fabric storage buildings lack the strength, durability and comfort needed for long-term sand storage.

When building a sand storage facility, strength and durability is important. Instead of using cheap materials like fabric storage buildings or expensive and inefficient traditional storage buildings, use a dome building. Domes require less maintenance and last longer than normal storage units. Domes can withstand the weather while keeping more money in your pocket.

Learn how dome sand storage buildings by South Industries can benefit your business and community. Environmental safety, business efficiency and low maintenance costs are what drive our technology to be the best fits for companies looking to store sand, salt and other dry bulk resources. Contact our team at South Industries today.

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