South Industries Answers the Need for High Capacity Sand Storage

Cadre Proppants, now US Silica, operates several surface mines throughout the US, including a state-of-the-art facility in central Texas. South Industries recently constructed three storage domes to store 40,000 tons of different key sand products used in oil fracking and natural gas wells. South Industries was able to answer a very specific need that included […]

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South Industries Exceeds Expectations

South Industries values all our project partners. As such, we responded quickly to the project needs of Capital Sands. In an expeditious manner, South Industries assessed the concept designs, got them developed, approved, and ready for implementation. The Capital Sands project involved building a pair of storage buildings to hold their finished products of graded […]

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South Industries Delivers on a Major Salt-Storage Overhaul

Oakland County Salt Storage manages and maintains many miles of heavily traveled roadway in Michigan. To keep the roads safe, they need to keep them snow and ice free by salting the highways during winter storms. They were storing minimal amounts of salt in outdated wood structures that needed to be demolished and replaced. The […]

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Energy Conservation is Important to South Industries

South Industries was really excited to work with such an energy efficient dedicated company, Grey’s Recycling. Their facility is one of a kind and equipped with eco-friendly solutions throughout. Collectively, both teams on this project worked hard to find the perfect dome design and stayed involved the entire project span taking a few years to […]

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South Industries Assists Internationally in Grain Storage

North of China, in the mountainous Shanxi Province, is one of China’s grain reserve facilities, and a proud partner of South Industries. China has had explosive growth in both their economy and population, therefore increasing the need to industrialize dry good storage. Traditionally, grain storage facilities in China would be filled and emptied within the […]

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Unique Temperature Needs Met With Above Standard Efficiency for Missouri Company

Ameren UE constructed a storage dome facility that can 8,000 tons of a powdered limestone project. Uniquely retrofitted, this dome maintains the correct atmospheric conditions to keep the100% of the limestone useable and reclaimable. Because of where it was constructed, sitting next to a large quarry, the site material is subject to daily blasting. So, […]

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