Starkville MS Safe Room Recently Needed Amid Tornado Activity

The people of Starkville MS are not only dealing with Corona Virus shelter in place orders but also Sunday a tornado warning caused many people to seek shelter at the new safe room built by South Industries and Monolithic. The following is from a news article by CNN, (find the full article here).

“Social distance as best as possible while inside the safe room,” said Malary White, a spokeswoman with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. From a tornado shelter in Starkville, Mississippi, Craig Ceecee told CNN staff, were telling people to practice social distancing.
Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey issued a state of emergency ahead of Sunday night’s expected severe weather, suspending coronavirus orders where life could be endangered.
“Shelters and community safe rooms should remain open and accessible to all individuals seeking refuge from this severe weather while implementing reasonable practices and procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among those seeking shelter,” she said.
Monroe Mayor Mayo said he had asked local hotels to provide rooms to people made homeless by the storms as coronavirus made opening a shelter potentially dangerous.
Starkville is one of the smart cities that have recently added a monolithic dome storm shelter to their community.  These domes can hold approximately 1500 people.  While it is a bit more complicated with the virus going around, this shelter made it work and fit all the people that showed up for shelter.

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