Aquatic Dome Chooses Function Over Form and Saves Millions

Pecos, TX- Faced with dueling challenges of extreme growth and a declining standard of living, Reeves County officials are thinking outside the box. Pecos, Texas is the largest community in Reeves County and is growing rapidly. Growth within the city limits exceeded 22% over the last ten years and some estimate the growth just outside the city limits has been even more extreme. The local government was committed to provide recreational activities to help increase the standard of living within the community.  They connected with the design team at South Industries and the possibilities opened up. The community decided to utilize the natural strengths of a monolithic dome to build a state-of-the-art recreation center.

All rec center amenities are indoors, climate-controlled and are enjoyable every season and in all weather conditions. The recreation center includes a competition indoor lap pool, sauna, steam room, high-tech exercise spaces, and multiple indoor basketball and volleyball courts. South Industries’ patented monolithic dome gymnasium design comes standard with the ability to withstand extreme wind events such as tornados and hurricanes.  Dome gyms are rated to withstand F5 tornados and can also act as community storm shelters.  A multiuse dome facility is much less expensive to build than a traditional storm shelter and rec center. Monolithic dome storm shelters and dome gymnasiums now offer municipalities across the country the opportunity to increase services while decreasing the cost to do so.

“This [building] is a place to bring everyone together. The community of Reeves County and the city Pecos will benefit from these dollars for a long long time after the boom is not a boom anymore.”  – Project Manager Andy Calobreves

“Using cutting edge construction techniques and limited local funds, officials at Reeves County are adding critical safety, health and social benefits at a very reduced cost.  The multiple-use and benefits that this complex provides, is how responsible local governments should always act.” -Andrew South GM South Industries.

South Industries is a design and build contractor of monolithic domes. Descending from the inventors of the monolithic dome, South Industries has created domes across the world and in nearly every state. Through continuous innovation, South Industries has constructed structures that satisfy, amaze, and move the industry forward. More information can be obtained by emailing us, just click on the Contact Us tab.


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