Three Reasons to Build a Salt Storage Dome

Salt is by far one of the most economical and efficient resources to store in bulk. Salt has a variety of uses, it is easy to store, simple to distribute and is very inexpensive compared to other machinery or resources that compete with its usage and purpose. For this purpose, salt is used amongst the majority of government agencies, businesses and individual families. When purchased and stored in bulk, salt is truly a cost-efficient product that can expand profit margins,  save time and even produce a safer community after a long night of snow fall. The only disadvantage to bulk salt storage is the risk of ruining your salt through improper storage.

Salt Storage DomeSalt Storage Dome

At South Industries, our team has researched the persisting pain points for those who benefit by storing salt in bulk. Our patented monolithic dome buildings for salt storage are the result of developing the best solution for protecting your salt for many years to come.

Dome salt storage buildings are made with a game-changing design that offers a plethora of advantages for bulk storage of salt, frac sand and other resources. The main advantages are cost, safety and durability. These benefits make a monolithic dome the greatest long-term value or investment in solving a revolving headache in the salt storage industry.

Bulk Salt Storage DomeBulldozer in Salt Storage Dome

In terms of cost efficiency, the smart use of surface area reduces the cost to heat or cool the salt storage dome. The intelligent curvature of the walls and ceiling make it easier to regulate storage temperature without breaking the bank. 

The cost of construction is also going to be a better value compared to other traditional, permanent structures. Monolithic dome buildings last decades with little to no maintenance costs due to the durable materials and sleek design that protect the building from wear and tear from wind, rain and even fire. These benefits make dome salt storage the best value for protecting your bulk investment.

Work injuries or machinery crashes can be expensive and will deteriorate the trust amongst employees and co-workers. Monolithic dome buildings for salt storage are great because they are independent of interior support structures like beams and walls that enclose workers in tighter working quarters that give less room for error. The more spacious domes allow for easier movement of trucks and machinery without damaging vehicles, the structure itself or team members.

Truck in Salt Storage Dome BuildingSalt Storage Dome for Deicing

The cheapest options could be temporary canvas tents or sheds, but these won’t protect your salt as well or last long enough to really prove their worth. The high maintenance costs to patch up holes and repair the structure will end up making these cheaper options a problem for those trying to find a permanent solution. Dome buildings will provide a solid and safe working environment for decades.

When choosing to build or expand the salt storage facility of your business, community or home, think about the three advantages to building a dome salt storage building: 1) cost, 2) safety and 3) durability. Call our team of experts or fill out a form to learn how we can adapt our patented dome design to your bulk salt storage facility.

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