Unique Temperature Needs Met With Above Standard Efficiency for Missouri Company

Ameren UE constructed a storage dome facility that can 8,000 tons of a powdered limestone project. Uniquely retrofitted, this dome maintains the correct atmospheric conditions to keep the100% of the limestone useable and reclaimable. Because of where it was constructed, sitting next to a large quarry, the site material is subject to daily blasting. So, we made our domes able domes seismically fit in order to withstand the constant blast occurrences. The domes are filled using large air blowers to transport the product through piping and into the dome from the apex. Then, the air hoppers in the floor direct it o more piping that transports the powdered product to the loadout bins and towers. 100% of the product’s moisture content essential to ensure adequate flow. Clearly illustrated, South Industries thought of every detail to ensure top efficacy of this project. SI domes are environmentally sound on every level, we even have a dust collection mechanism located on the top of the dome keeping the area clean. All levels of staff combined the efforts to provide healthy working relationships and timely completion. SI works hard to stay within budget allocations while still providing maximum value.

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