South Industries Leads Expansion Efforts for Agrium Advanced Technologies

South Industries took a big lead in helping the Agrium Expansion Project of their storage facility. They house a very effective agricultural fertilization product known as ESN. This expansion included the construction of two reinforced, insulated concrete domes. Very large in capacity, the largest dome holds up 20,000 tons of finished product that is then loaded out to truck, car, or barge. South Industries helped design an automate process that uses floor hoppers and large conveyors to transport the product easily to load out areas. The expansion modification increased Agrium’s production rate from 10 to 2 hours a day and also doubled the storage capacity of the finished product. South Industries’ role in this expansion was pivotal because of a few reasons. The most important being that our domes allowed for the effective use of space as their facility was limited in size. The second was that the South Industries team helped the ease of reclaim. The domes easily supported the inbound conveying equipment and headhouse while also providing Agrium with the uniformity they were seeking in the expansion project.

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