South Industries Helps a Small Canadian Fertilization Facility with Climatized Storage

In a small Canadian town, South Industries took a big lead in erecting a six thousand metric ton fertilizer storage. Divided using concrete walls into storage areas, it houses six distinctive fertilization products. The storage also holds a blending facility where raw products can be custom mixed. The dome is also climatized, keeping the goods dry in all adverse conditions. Noting a huge safety component, the site also is free from the harmful effects of storing reactionary raw fertilizers. Commonly, small scale fertilizer blend companies reclaim product manually with a wheeled piece of machinery. As the material is gathered and transported for blending and loading, the bins take hefty abuse. The innovative dome structure house concrete walls that separate the product and will be able to withstand much more contact by machines than a steel or wood framed building system. South Industries in its ability to provide custom attributes helps facilities like Crowfoot Ag Solutions, grow and maintain safety for their employees. Not to mention, domes are the proven to be the most cost effective method over the long-haul.

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