South Industries Exceeds Expectations

South Industries values all our project partners. As such, we responded quickly to the project needs of Capital Sands. In an expeditious manner, South Industries assessed the concept designs, got them developed, approved, and ready for implementation. The Capital Sands project involved building a pair of storage buildings to hold their finished products of graded frac sand. South Industries’ domes have integrated stem walls thus creating a monolithic shape. This makes the cone type dome unique in their ability to handle very large amounts of free-flowing sand while also ensuring temperature and moisture control. The need for automated processes was also a factor. A large tunnel running below the building houses the floor hoppers and conveyors that carry the reclaimed sand to be loaded out for transportation. Lastly, South Industries proudly exceeded our client’s expectations despite working through less than ideal conditions. It was the coldest winter on record and they delivered the project on time

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