South Industries Delivers on a Major Salt-Storage Overhaul

Oakland County Salt Storage manages and maintains many miles of heavily traveled roadway in Michigan. To keep the roads safe, they need to keep them snow and ice free by salting the highways during winter storms. They were storing minimal amounts of salt in outdated wood structures that needed to be demolished and replaced. The RCOC (Road Commission Oakland County) partnered with South Industries on a cost-effective solution to aid in saving taxpayer’s money. The efficacy of concrete reinforced domes has many attractive benefits that helped solidify the partnering with South Industries for this project. The dome storages included air ventilation, a concrete entryway, and LED lighting. The structures can either be loaded manually or by a portable top load conveyor and filled immediately. The domes at completion are now storing approximately 9 tons of salt at one location and almost 5 at another. Overall, the project was enormously successful and ready for next winter. South Industries delivered the long-term storage need, the flexibility, and a cost-effective solution for RCOC.

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