South Industries Assists Internationally in Grain Storage

North of China, in the mountainous Shanxi Province, is one of China’s grain reserve facilities, and a proud partner of South Industries. China has had explosive growth in both their economy and population, therefore increasing the need to industrialize dry good storage. Traditionally, grain storage facilities in China would be filled and emptied within the same calendar year, but for the reserve program, the product is stored for a few years. South Industries supplied the reserve program with Monolithic concrete domes that are fully insulated and temperature controlled making them ideal for long term storage. This project was important to the China Province, as it brought forth a much-needed modern makeover to the previous ways of storage. South Industries believes in highlighting the strength of our relationships in the same manner we highlight the strength of our domes. Our business connectivity with the privately held company was paramount. They realized that our team is committed, knowledgeable, and deploys a technical savvy needed to make international projects get completed with ease.

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