Energy Conservation is Important to South Industries

South Industries was really excited to work with such an energy efficient dedicated company, Grey’s Recycling. Their facility is one of a kind and equipped with eco-friendly solutions throughout. Collectively, both teams on this project worked hard to find the perfect dome design and stayed involved the entire project span taking a few years to fully implement and integrate. Grey’s Recycling required a unique free span, special energy efficient building envelope to lower operating costs. Impressive to view, the larger of the two domes enclosed approximately 50,000 square feet of area and houses the complete recycling equipment. South Industries knew the importance of keeping within the conservation integrity of the company and the City of Edmonton. Grey’s Paper Recycling partnered with the Canadian City to lead the city in waste management efforts. South Industries knew the paper and glass recycling facility could lend its storage savvy designs to better streamline their new location. Exciting to know that the city has been successful and has 90% local recycling participation. It makes South Industries proud to know their domes became an integral part of this environmental project.

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