Fireproof Domes: Advantages of a Dome Building

Have you ever covered a match or a candle with a glass cup to watch the flame slowly die?

It’s quite interesting to see how such a powerful thing like fire is so dependent upon oxygen for survival. Unfortunately, many homes, industrial buildings and commercial offices are lost due to fire. On top of the efficiency and maintenance savings, dome buildings are naturally an ideal fit for protecting your investments, employees and loved ones from fire.

Just like the glass cup, domes are very air-tight structures. With high-tech ventilation, they make for efficient air movement and energy savings, which means that they can also cut off the source of a fire… oxygen. Monolithic dome structures drown out fires unlike conventional homes and businesses allowing for them to stand as other structures around them fall.

The natural design of a dome starves uncontrolled flames of oxygen, but the actual materials of a dome structure also play a role in fire proofing. Monolithic domes are built with safe and non-flammable materials making it near impossible for external fires to penetrate a dome.

Fireproof Dome Buildings