Why Build Your School with Domes?


Domes are a great way to cut costs on overhead utilities such as gas and electricity. Heating and cooling a school made with dome architecture and technology, compared to a conventional school, is a fraction of the cost. The efficient usage of materials, ceiling space and air flow help schools save more every month on their utility bill, so that you can have the funds to better support your students and staff.


During natural disasters, domes are commonly used as shelters and safe havens. This isn’t a coincidence! Domes are known for their structural strength and resilience to mother nature. Domes are often times the only structures left in towns affected by hurricanes, tornados, fires and floods. The dome design is perfect for protecting your school and everyone inside when it matters most.

Long Life Span

Most of the oldest and historic structures that we see today have withstood the test of time due to their dome designs. At South Industries, our domes require much less maintenance compared to schools built with conventional designs. This helps keep your school looking professional while saving money on monthly repairs.