Wasuma Elementary School Gymnasium

In Ahwahnee, California,  Wasuma Elementary School needed a gym.  The cafeteria – currently functioning as space for PE, assemblies, lunches, and school events – was too cramped for the school to fit in.  A bond was passed in 2006 to address the facility needs of the district but by 2015 funds were dwindling, and Wasuma Elementary, low on the priority list, was suffering.  After researching monolithic dome techniques and benefits, Bass Lake School District officials knew they had a solution.  Recognizing the obvious cost benefits of a dome gym, they got to work.

Becoming pioneers, they built the first domed public school building in California.  At half the cost of a traditional gym, the Wasuma Elementary School project kept the district on budget, and students got the space they needed and deserved.  While being the first to do something can be challenging, Bass Lake School District officials weren’t afraid to think outside the box – literally.  Now, they can look forward to energy bills about 50% less than a traditional build as well as increased earthquake protection, quite a bonus in hot, earthquake prone California!

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