Vanguard School

After twenty plus years of steady growth, the Vanguard Charter School needed a new junior high building.  School board members, administrators, and parents worked together to secure a bond for the needed funds.  The Colorado Springs, based school settled on a monolithic dome after realizing the benefits such a design brings.  Speaking of the decision, Operations Director Jeff Yocum commented, “We met with the architectural firm and were sold on it.  Knowing we could save money convinced us that this is the right way to go.”

With a limited budget, cost savings were important.  The Vanguard Charter School could look forward to cost savings long term since monolithic dome mechanical and operational costs are lower than for conventional buildings.  Monolithic domes conserve energy by maintaining stable temperatures through the reduced loss of air to the outside.  This lowers costs and reduces the need to generate energy from the environment.

Additionally, the fact that the building, begun in October 2016, could be operational for the 2017 school year benefitted the Vanguard Charter School.  Students looked forward to the 20,000 square feet of learning space.  “I’m excited because I have an opportunity to use new equipment in a new building,” said seventh-grader, Mia Chavez at the groundbreaking.  That new facility would eventually house twelve classrooms, two science laboratories, and expanded administration space.

Give your students the opportunity to use “new equipment in a new building” by choosing a cost-effective alternative.  Contact the professionals at South Industries today to start your school district on a path to a more energy-efficient and cost-effective future!