Archie School Gymnasium and Multipurpose Room

Dome buildings are a great fit for school gymnasiums, lunchrooms, theaters, and multipurpose rooms. A dome offers great flexibility with limitless floor plan options making it perfect for rooms that will be used for a variety of activities. The dome design gives independence from interior support making it perfect for sports and presentations. The freedom from support beams and internal walls make domes an exciting option. The tall and strong ceilings give multiple opportunities for lighting, sound, ventilation, and decor.

Domes give great flexibility, but they also help save thousands in energy and maintenance cost by their inherent strength and resistance from wind, rain, snow, and fire. Mother nature has little effect over the curved surface of a dome. The curvature also makes for an efficient, air-tight surface area that helps save on heating and air expenses.

Domes are a great way to bring practical and beautiful architecture to your school or business facility. Reach out to our team today to learn more about how a dome could be a perfect fit for your next build.