Johnson Creek Public Schools

In need of more space and an updated, safe facility for their overcrowded 5th-12th-grade students, Johnson Creek School District turned to South Industries for help.  The existing, aging campus contained an assortment of trailers, portables, and multiple use spaces, some of which were old enough to have served students’ grandparents.  For lunch, the high school students had to walk over to the elementary school cafeteria.  After four failed building referendums, district officials knew something needed to change.  As they started thinking outside the box they came across domes as a possible solution.  South Industries got involved and constructed five interconnected domes at a cost that was millions less in cost than the previous bids.


South Industries’ ability to create 109,000 square feet quickly and at a lower cost than other options allowed the community to finally approve the referendum.  With the added benefits of lower maintenance, heating, and cooling costs, the five-dome plan was a source of pride and excitement for school officials and the community.  South Industries’ domes offer a free span design that is unmatched in the ability to configure and reconfigure the interior space.  Johnson Creek School District is now able to match the needs of the community, students, and the school.


While domes are a great financial decision, they also provide a level of protection from tornadoes, earthquakes, and fires that traditionally constructed buildings cannot.  Domes exceed all strength and safety requirements from FEMA.  When you need a school building constructed please consider saving your community millions of dollars, providing the safest environment for your children, and reducing your utility costs by building a monolithic dome with South Industries.