Delaware Military Academy

The Anthony N. Fusco Athletic Center (awarded as Delaware’s 2017 Outstanding Large Project of the Year) is a generous gift to the well-deserving cadets attending the Delaware Military Academy. Prior to the construction of this $6 Million addition to the DMA campus, cadets hosted basketball and volleyball games in a gymnasium that barely held the playing court, much less any visitors and spectators. Now, the back to back volleyball state champions will enjoy defending their title in a new, 750 seat gymnasium.

Athletic Director Mike Ryan described the new fitness center as being “unique, intimate, and classy.” Ryan explained that throughout the use of the former gymnasium, no cadet ever complained or criticized the arena. Still, Ryan was glad to give the academy’s cadets a worthwhile athletic facility.

Not only will the Athletic Center host sporting events, but it’s also home to eight classrooms, each holding 25 or more freshmen. These classrooms will allow the Academy to take in a larger freshman class. In addition to being able to train more recruits, the Fusco Athletic center will be a spectacular area for the entire student body to meet together for commencement ceremonies or any other assemblies from the academy and the community.

Anthony Pullella (Commandant) and Dave Kaiser (Facilities Manager) played key roles in the development and construction of the Athletic Center. They were visionary and had the academy’s best interests in mind. Sparked by the significantly low operating and maintaining costs, as well as the unique and innovative design, a monolithic dome was a perfect fit for the Academy’s needs.

Joshua South, General Manager of South Industries, commented on his reflection of the Academy’s students: “It was nice to see youth that were clean, respectful, and organized. The cadets were polished and punctual; rain or shine, they were out completing exercises and running drills. This facility will be an excellent complement to the academy’s students.” And towards what the facility means to the community, South stated, “It’s a neat setting. The dome is set on a hill and can be seen from a long way. It could become a cool landmark, because of its design and placement. Everybody is really excited about that.”

Project completed with:
Bruce Aronson—Wohlsen Construction
Ted Smulski—DEDC, LLC – Consulting and Commissioning Engineers
Michael McCoy—Michael McCoy Architects Inc