dome buildings for Salt Storage

Every year in North America, 33 million tons of salt are produced for a wide variety of uses ranging from chemical creation like chlorine to deicing our roads. Whether used for digestion, sanitation or keeping our roads safe, storing salt is vital for growth in any industry that uses salt. At South Industries, we build the best dome storage buildings for salt and we do so with long-term savings in mind.

Why Use a Dome by South Industries

  • Energy Efficient: Domes are the easiest structure to light, heat, cool and power thanks to their efficient design, limitless floor plans and intuitive surface area.

  • Storage Capacity: It is a simple truth, “if you buy in bulk, you save.” By purchasing salt in large quantities, prices go down, but also the convenience of having salt on hand and properly stored can save you loads of time and money. Domes are perfect for protecting your salt while keeping your energy usage and maintenance costs low.

How do I know if a dome is right for my company?

Our team of experts are more than happy to go over your specific salt storing needs. Call our team at (208) 754-4422 or fill out our contact form to receive a free consultation.


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