South Industries Builds Frac Sand Dome for Storage



Cadre Proppants, now US Silica, operates several surface mines throughout the US, including a state-of-the-art facility in central Texas. South Industries recently constructed three storage domes to store 40,000 tons of different key sand products used in oil fracking and natural gas wells. South Industries was able to answer a very specific need that included the ability to hold the screened sand and automatically reclaim it for transport. The need for steady cycling of the material quickly and reliably was met without interruption. South Industries integrated their storage structures with a custom material handling system using conveyors housed in tunnels below the domes. Cadre Proppants felt confident naming South Industries as their choice because of their exceptional safety record and construction standards. Most importantly, South Industries know the importance of providing real value for clients and their bottom line. South Industries was able to offer custom ideas to optimize the facility design to increase performance and lower costs.

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